Seli & Naliam



WE ARE THE GUARDIANS; the remnant of what once was. We protect our country day and night, its treasures and its memories, from those who want to attack us, destroy us, and pillage the ruins of our world in their...

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I Fell in Love with Spring


I fell in love with spring
With budding trees, and warmth and flowers
The grass that grows and birds that sing;
And its occasional blustery showers.

I fell in love with summer
With still, warm nights and longer days
Mixed with rains, and distant thunder -

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Spring in Maine


Spring, when are you coming
With your warmth and sunny days?
I see tiny buds outside
Ready to burst forth
Waiting for warm, sunny rays.
But snow lies still on grass and lawn
Slowly melting in the rain.
A cold wind blows today -
It is spring in...

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Ufw (firewall) Reference


ufw enable ufw disable

Enable or disable the firewall.

ufw allow in http ufw reject telnet comment 'telnet is not encrypted'

Allow all incoming HTTP traffic and reject telnet globally (normally 'deny' is used but 'reject' will explicitly reject a connection).


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Docker Reference


Command/option | Description

  • | -   | Containers | Containers are light-weight virtual machines docker create image [cmd] | Create container from image docker rename container newname | Rename container docker rm container | Remove a container    -f | Force    -v | Also delete volumes   | `docker...
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sed and awk Reference


Argument Description
awk '{print $1}' Print 1st word from lines separated by space
awk -F: '{print $1}' Print 1st word from lines separated by colons
sed -n Don't display input lines in output
sed '5d'...
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Short Story: I'm So Sorry


If you're reading this, let me just say that I'm sorry: So very, very sorry.

I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I'm beyond devastated for all of the lives lost - and the countless destruction it brought. I...

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Common TcpDump Parameters


Argument Description
-A Print packet in ASCII
-e Print MAC address (link-level info)
-x Print packet in hex
--print Print parsed output even if saving packets to file
-w file Write raw packets to...
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Common CURL Parameters


Argument Description
--http1.0 Use HTTP 1.0
--http1.1 Use HTTP 1.1
--http2 Use HTTP 2
-4 Resolve domain names to IPv4
-6 Resolve domain names to IPv6
-k Allow insecure connections in SSL
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My List of Ubiquitous Software


(Really just a list for myself when I reinstall a new computer.)


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