Short Story: Seli & Naliam



Seli lay on top of the embankment and looked out over the plain ahead of him in the gray morning. It was cold and he was freezing; spring had not yet progressed into its usual warmth, and the air was...

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I Fell in Love with Spring


I fell in love with spring
With budding trees, and warmth and flowers
The grass that grows and birds that sing;
And its occasional blustery showers.

I fell in love with summer
With still, warm nights and longer days
Mixed with rains, and distant thunder -

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Spring in Maine


Spring, when are you coming
With your warmth and sunny days?
I see tiny buds outside
Ready to burst forth
Waiting for warm, sunny rays.
But snow lies still on grass and lawn
Slowly melting in the rain.
A cold wind blows today -
It is spring in...

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Ufw (firewall) Reference


Enable or disable the firewall:

ufw enable ufw disable

Allow all incoming HTTP traffic and reject telnet globally (normally 'deny' is used but 'reject' will explicitly reject a connection):

ufw allow in http ufw reject telnet comment 'telnet is not encrypted'


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Docker Reference


Command/option Description
Containers Containers are light-weight virtual machines
docker create image [cmd] Create container from image
docker rename container newname Rename container
docker rm container Remove a container
   -f Force
   -v Also delete volumes
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sed and awk Reference


Argument Description
awk '{print $1}' Print 1st word from lines separated by space
awk -F: '{print $1}' Print 1st word from lines separated by colons
sed -n Don't display input lines in output
sed '5d'...
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Short Story: I'm So Sorry


If you're reading this, let me just say that I'm sorry: So very, very sorry.

I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I'm beyond devastated for all of the lives lost - and the countless destruction it brought. I...

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Common TcpDump Parameters


Argument Description
-A Print packet in ASCII
-e Print MAC address (link-level info)
-x Print packet in hex
--print Print parsed output even if saving packets to file
-w file Write raw packets to...
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Common CURL Parameters


Argument Description
--http1.0 Use HTTP 1.0
--http1.1 Use HTTP 1.1
--http2 Use HTTP 2
-4 Resolve domain names to IPv4
-6 Resolve domain names to IPv6
-k Allow insecure connections in SSL
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My List of Ubiquitous Software


(Really just a list for myself when I reinstall a new computer.)


  • Office 365
  • Google Earth Pro - for, well, uh, flying really
  • Brother B-Pac Printer Software - for labels
  • Evernote
  • X-Mind Zen - mindmap editor


  • Skype -...
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