The Oyster and King Bore


Back in high school, a friend in the computer club wrote a poem about an oyster who defeated King Bore (the presumed God of Snow and Winter). In a sudden flash of inspiration, I blatantly stole the idea and wrote...

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Poem on an Uninvented Language


Nika tunga bete wola
Dopi lamunga aki nola
Sa wele patima, ahima te
A naki tonga walu me.

A sina wati do katunga ne
A sina wati pim milunga me.
Ha kata son thanima ikosai
Mita wa patima, ahimanai.

Sa akita hawane, mina thak
Tabena watasi anima yak
Karoona me...

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When I Become Dictator, I Will...


  • straighten out all streets in Gothenburg in a nice north-south, east-west pattern.
  • declare Stockholm as the official "wrong side of the country".
  • move my residence to Sk√•ne.
  • invade Denmark.
  • reinstitute the union with Norway and take all their oil. *...
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The Fairy in the West


THE FAIRY IN THE WEST came walking by the shore
A robe of woven moonlight strains she wore
She quietly walked in mists of dawn
With gentle steps like woodlands' fawn
Singing seafarer's songs of ancient lore.

THE FAIRY IN THE WEST caught my silent...

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Artificial Intelligence: A Robot Psyche


Steven Spielberg's Artificial Intelligence takes place in a world a few hundred years into the future (the exact time is not known) when the polar icecaps have melted, flooded the whole earth and left mankind struggling to maintain its way...

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My Recipe for Really Good Meat Sauce


Making meat sauce with pasta.

You'll need:

  • Some sort of pasta. Spaghetti, tagliatelle, farfalle... fresh or not, it doesn't matter much. Just be sure you like it, and stay away from macaroni at all cost.
  • 1 pound of ground beef
  • 1...
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Poem for an Innovation Department


Pete, Pat, Joe and Matt
Worked on some Delphi code
On a TreeView branch they sat
But couldn't find a node.

Up spoke Matt and Joe
Explained, Items must be nil
Pete and Pat said "No,
It's allocated still."

Pete and Pat then found
A pointer that was weak

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