Steps to Greater Happiness and Fulfilment of Joy with Dropbox and KeePass

I use Dropbox and KeePass together to manage all my passwords; for websites, email accounts, PIN codes and everything else. I use KeePass because I don’t trust online services to store my passwords for me; I want them at home, private, where only I can see them and no one else. However, it takes a […]

Common ffmpeg parameters

Information -codecs Display codecs -formats Display formats -f fmt Force format “fmt” -i filename Set input file name -y Overwrite output file -t secs Force duration to specific length (hh:mm:ss[.xxx] syntax works) -fs limit Set file size limit -ss secs Seek to given time position (hh:mm:ss[.xxx] syntax works) -target type Specify target type (“vcd”, “svcd”, […]