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Gingerbread Christmas Tower

Posted 12/22/2018 in Poetry

Behold --

A stately tower now was made
With candy, frosting and decor;
Three ginger levels keenly laid
Upon another there did soar;
And the peak in brilliance alight
With candied decoration bright
Shone forth on white and frosted floor.
    Each level carefully aligned -
    A testament to bakery refined,
O, tower, harbinger of Christmastide,
Bring forth thy season glorified!

Michaelangelo and Queen Arabella

Posted 3/16/2012 in Poetry

Listen, I now will tell you a story fair,
Of queen Arabella in a distant land
Her wisdom as wonderful as the golden hair
That playfully flowed over shoulders bare -
Like sunrays glittered every strand.
Her knowledge had no discernful bound;
Every problem graceful answer found
And loving eyes of coolest blue
Like radiant sapphire in their hue
Shone from her head with emerald crowned.
And a multitude of roses gently sprung
From softest soil onto her castle walls
Which made of whitest stone so nobly swung
In rosy arches over ancient halls;
And through those halls her silvery laughter
Rippled like streams in early spring
And gave joyous voice to every living thing
That dancingly...

I Had a Strange and Curious Dream

Posted 9/6/2009 in Christianity, Poetry

I had a strange and curious dream last night
I dreamt my heart grew wings and then took flight
Flew far and wide o'er hills and fields of green
Above those golden clouds, to things unseen -
Plucking roses sweet that never grew
And singing childish rhymes all while I flew.
I touched the sky, I think, with outstretched hand
Drew fine-art paintings in the ocean sand
And swiftly sailed across the deep blue sea
To search for wonders named in poetry.

In this dream I had, I know it's strange
I dreamt I leaped across a mountain range!
The pinnacles where draped in snowy white
And gleaming in the shining sun so...

The Old Mainframe Computer

Posted 6/11/2006 in Poetry

In a dark and gloomy dungeon
Racked by storms and thunder
A valiant server stood on guard
As lightning ripped the night asunder.
It stood there lonesome and forlorn
Working quietly in the freezing cold
But not a tear was seen
On its faithful color screen
This server had a heart of gold.

In its core a dignified processor worked
Although old, still bravely faithful
And though its software wasn't new
Its owners still were very grateful.
It flawlessly performed, both day and night
It ticked so quietly, so gracefully and bright
A thousand users everywhere
Put the server's idle time on hold
But no one knew the server's heart
Yes, this server had a heart of gold.