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Just Like Riding a Bike

Posted 5/3/2019 in Reflections

I've always felt like national economy is kind of like riding a bike.

Remember back when people didn't have LED's or batteries, but just the plain old dynamo, that you put against the wheel, and the faster you went, the brighter the lights got?

Just like a wheel, the national economy spins around. Goods and services are being produced and consumed, and the money that pays for it is constantly shuffled around, from person to person - just like a big bike wheel. The faster it goes, the richer we all become. The slower it goes, the poorer we are. (This may...

Password Management Survey Results

Posted 4/16/2019 in Reflections

(Please scroll to the bottom to see a few simple password recommendations and guidelines.)

A week or two ago, I sent out a request on Facebook and LinkedIn for people to participate in my survey about password management. My interest was to see, given how complex passwords are becoming and how easy it really is to crack most passwords, how people on various technical levels approach password management.

I did get a handful of responses - not overwhelming by any means, but still enough to put together a survey result, which I think is interesting to analyze. The initial results...

My Idea for a Grand Opera

Posted 10/5/2009 in Reflections

STAGE: A rural village in feudal Japan. A small, traditional Japanese house is nearby. Some cherry trees can be seen in the distance.


A samurai warrior enters the stage, inspecting his lands and his village. He starts singing the first aria of the opera, "A Sacred Land, A Sacred Call", extolling the virtues of the samurai and the honor that lies with his profession. "To die for the emperor", he sings, "a duty; an honor - oh that I would be found worthy of doing so". Two women nearby sit kneeling with their heads bowed in deep respect for this...