Seli & Naliam



WE ARE THE GUARDIANS; the remnant of what once was. We protect our country day and night, its treasures and its memories, from those who want to attack us, destroy us, and pillage the ruins of our world in their...

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Short Story: I'm So Sorry


If you're reading this, let me just say that I'm sorry: So very, very sorry.

I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I'm beyond devastated for all of the lives lost - and the countless destruction it brought. I...

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My Idea for a Grand Opera


STAGE: A rural village in feudal Japan. A small, traditional Japanese house is nearby. Some cherry trees can be seen in the distance.


A samurai warrior enters the stage, inspecting his lands and his village. He starts singing the first...

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(Wrote this on the train home from Stenungsund a few years ago.)

His name was Tree.

For as long as he could remember, he had stood here in the middle of the forest. Deep in the far recesses of his slow, heavy...

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Writing Dialogue: Meet Chris and Rebecka


Writing dialogue is the most difficult thing I know. But watching Ally McBeal has really made me interested in writing again; and I think I realize that the whole purpose of dialogue is to establish a relationship in the story....

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