Forever Thine


When I at last one day shall stand
In bless'd Jerusalem, in Heaven's land
Will I before him prostrate fall,
Who is my love, my all in all?
Or will I shout with all my might
His praise and glory, oh so bright?
Let trumps exult...

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I Fell in Love with Spring


I fell in love with spring
With budding trees, and warmth and flowers
The grass that grows and birds that sing;
And its occasional blustery showers.

I fell in love with summer
With still, warm nights and longer days
Mixed with rains, and distant thunder -

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Spring in Maine


Spring, when are you coming
With your warmth and sunny days?
I see tiny buds outside
Ready to burst forth
Waiting for warm, sunny rays.
But snow lies still on grass and lawn
Slowly melting in the rain.
A cold wind blows today -
It is spring in...

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Gingerbread Christmas Tower


Behold --

A stately tower now was made
With candy, frosting and decor;
Three ginger levels keenly laid
Upon another there did soar;
And the peak in brilliance alight
With candied decoration bright
Shone forth on white and frosted floor.
    Each level carefully aligned -
    A testament to...

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Michaelangelo and Queen Arabella


Listen -

I now will tell you a story fair,
Of queen Arabella in distant land
Her wisdom as great as her golden hair
That playfully flowed over shoulders bare -
Like sunrays glittered every strand.
Her knowledge had no discernful bound;
Every problem graceful answer found

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I Had a Strange and Curious Dream


I had a strange and curious dream last night
I dreamt my heart grew wings and then took flight
Flew far and wide o'er hills and fields of green
Above those golden clouds, to things unseen -
Plucking roses sweet that never grew
And singing...

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The Old Mainframe Computer


In a dark and gloomy dungeon
Racked by storms and thunder
A valiant server stood on guard
As lightning ripped the night asunder.
It stood there lonesome and forlorn
Working quietly in the freezing cold
But not a tear was seen
On its faithful color screen
This server...

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Would Be That My Dreams Took Flight


Ich halte meine Träume in meiner Hand
Und frage mich, warum fliegt ihr nicht?
Ihr liegt nur da, so leise und still
Keine Bewegung in meinem Gesicht.

Wenn sie endlich Flucht ergreifen
Wie schön wär' es nicht!
Hoch über die Erde fliegen sie
Hoch und stolz in...

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Wie ein dünner Nebel


Dann kommt das mal zu Ende.

Kein Wort wird mehr gesagt
Keinen Blick auf dir geworfen
Keine Träume mehr besteht.
Du sagst "auf wiedersehen"
Wir meinen's aber nicht.

Und wie ein dünner Nebel
Im Sonnenschein verjagt
So wirst du jetzt für mich
Immer schwacher, leichter, dünner
Bis nichts von dir...

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The Oyster and King Bore


Back in high school, a friend in the computer club wrote a poem about an oyster who defeated King Bore (the presumed God of Snow and Winter). In a sudden flash of inspiration, I blatantly stole the idea and wrote...

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