IT Services

I have been a professional IT consultant and software developer since 1993. If you have a software project that needs to be realized, please contact me for more information.

Custom software development

Over 25 years of software development experience, at your service.

  • Languages: C#, ASP.NET/MVC, .NET Core, PHP, Delphi
  • Web development: Javascript, jQuery, Webpack, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Vue.js
  • Databases: MySQL, SQL Server, SQLite

I have experience from building banking systems, CTI/telecom applications, custom application servers, components and build tools, CRM/helpdesk systems, and lots of smaller projects.

Custom websites

Web technologies have almost completely taken over normal application development.

It's common today to build on top of WordPress, Drupal or other frameworks. I prefer to build custom frameworks for web application development, whether websites or full-fledged applications with public-facing API's.

Case study: Kennebec Valley Assembly of God

Website built using a minimalistic PHP framework with editing capabilities.
With literally no administrative interface or databases, it presents extremely few attack surfaces and is yet easy to manage and update.

Mobile development

Mobile apps for Android or iOS are incredibly popular. However, the experience of unifying Android or iOS apps into a single codebase has been difficult. Using Dart and Flutter, this can now easily be overcome with small, efficient and native applications.

IT consulting services

Administration of servers and computers, networks and firewalls, wireless access points and other related components.

  • Windows servers, Linux (Debian/Ubuntu) servers
  • Web services (Apache, nginx, bind, ssh/sftp, databases, web hosting frameworks)
  • Network and firewall management
  • Security operations and intrusion detection
  • Experience from hosting enterprise web applications and managing a web hosting provider.

Computer repair services

I also handle smaller computer repair services for when that is necessary.

  • PC cleanup and maintenance
  • Minor hardware upgrades
  • Customer wireless setup and configuration