Common CURL Parameters

Wednesday, 21 August 2019 - 1 minute to read

Argument Description
--http1.0 Use HTTP 1.0
--http1.1 Use HTTP 1.1
--http2 Use HTTP 2
-4 Resolve domain names to IPv4
-6 Resolve domain names to IPv6
-k Allow insecure connections in SSL
HTTP options
--cookie-jar file Use a cookie jar to store cookies
--data ... HTTP POST data
--data-urlencode ... HTTP POST data ('@' allowed)
-F name=content Specify multipart MIME data
-G Put POST data in URL and use GET
-H header / @file Pass custom header to server
-m secs Maximum request time
--referer url Use a given referer
-X method Use a given method, e.g. GET, POST, HEAD etc
--cert cert.pem Use client certificate
--insecure Do not very server certificate
--key key.pem Use client certificate private key
--ntlm Use Windows NTLM authentication
--oauth2-bearer token Use OAuth2 bearer token
-u user:password Server user and password
-D file Write received headers to file
-f Fail silently on HTTP errors
-i Include response headers in output
-o file Output to file name
-L Follow redirects
-s Silent mode
-v Verbose

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