Companies with Which I Will Not Do Business

Monday, 23 August 2021 - 3 minutes to read

This is a list of those companies who have wronged me, upset me, or just been absolute nincompoops; and with which I will therefore not do any business again.

  • IKEA USA online ordering - Oh, where to start... Accidentally ended up with wrong shipping address on order * Called customer service (45 min wait) who assured me they had the right address * Got phone call from driver who couldn't find our Augusta, ME address in SC * Driver refused to deliver to different address even though I offered to show my ID and give a small bribe * Called customer service (45 min wait) who told me that there is no way the address on an order can be changed; the order would be canceled automatically and I would have to place a new order * Couldn't find items in stock online * Went to IKEA and purchased some of the available items in-store * Placed new order for missing items * Checked a few days later and additional items were now in stock * Placed third order * Called customer service (45 min wait) who assured me that we could combine the two orders in a single one and just pay shipping once * Shipping company attempts redelivery of the first, now canceled order * Delivery declined since we already bought the items in-store * IKEA sends email saying that most of the items on the third order could not be delivered as they were out of stock when they tried pulling them * Called customer service (45 min wait) to cancel third order since it's now irrelevant * Finally went to IKEA in NC again: Returned items, complained, got everything sorted out, all refunds processing, all orders canceled, everything is now fine * IKEA attempts delivery of third (canceled) order
  • Sears - Long story involving a bed frame that took forever to ship; arrived damaged; and then took forever to return and get our money back. I hear they're largely out of business now.
  • The company that makes BoundsChecker - Worst salesman I have ever met in my entire life. Resolved during the phone call that I will never, ever do business with this company.
  • Genworth Financial - Took months for an insurance policy secure account to be released. Multiple phone calls made, certified letters sent, departments have no clue what other departments are doing, finally threatened filing a complaint with the Maine Bureau of Insurance. Eventually worked out, but... there are other, better companies.
  • Hyundai Motor Finance - Worst customer service ever. I have been lied to several times by their agents. Empty promises, no customer care whatsoever, faulty information given, and every interaction takes weeks. Complete and total dysfunction as a customer care organization. (They do respond pretty quickly over the phone, but to what point? Absolutely senseless.)

...and these are in danger of getting on to my list...

  • Waste Management (WM) - Hour-long (sic) phone queues. Long set up time. Promised to drop off container. Trash piling up for weeks. Didn't drop off container. Figured out the dump was a few miles away and I could just do it myself.

In comparison, these are a couple of companies that I highly recommend and which keep impressing me, again and again.

  • Amazon - They do everything well. Never had a problem. Their website just works no matter what you do. No surprises, no frustrations, blazingly fast shipping. (But beware of some third-party sellers. Do your research. Check for UL listings.)
  • Wayfair - They do everything well. They ship so fast I had to request a hold from FedEx on two packages. Ordering spare parts is super-easy.

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