Forever Thine

Tuesday, 22 September 2020 - 1 minute to read

When I at last one day shall stand
In bless'd Jerusalem, in Heaven's land
Will I before him prostrate fall,
Who is my love, my all in all?
Or will I shout with all my might
His praise and glory, oh so bright?
Let trumps exult and harps extol
The lamb of God who took our fall!

At the sight of him, whom I have dear
The king of glory whom all Heav'n revere
Down on my knees I'll be, I believe
And a song of love I'll start to weave:
A song through thousand years of praise,
Where every strand with love ablaze
Caught forever in his precious gaze.
And this my offering will be
Ever thankful for his love for me.

Sweet savior, oh Lord divine -
I will be forever thine.

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