I Fell in Love with Spring


I fell in love with spring
With budding trees, and warmth and flowers
The grass that grows and birds that sing;
And its occasional blustery showers.

I fell in love with summer
With still, warm nights and longer days
Mixed with rains, and distant thunder -
And resting daily in the sun's bright rays.

I fell in love with fall
Its cooler air and plentiful harvest
How the leaves in bright glory us enthral!
They're painted by nature's own great artist.

I fell in love with winter
And starlit skies and frosty nights
Great waterfalls frozen with icy splinter
Underneath the stellar northern lights.

Be still, my soul; partake of the wonder
That lies outside the office, just yonder
And marvel at every living thing -
It's time to live! It is spring.