I Was Weary, that Night, and Praying

Sunday, 13 March 2022 - 4 minutes to read

I was weary, that night, as I softly was praying
And read in my bible by candlelight swaying
In the darkness I sought the revival to come
But I feared that my heart and faith had gone numb.
Long had I prayed, and long had I sought
T'was my calling in life, or so I had thought -
But maybe my hope now was failing.

"Pray and believe, and it shall be given"
That was the promise for which I had striven
Oh, the glory of God that had finally arrived
In the flood that the saints of old had described
But even if I had been always persistent
That night it seemed ever so distant
Closed, I felt, were the gates of Heaven.

But all of a sudden, a noise I now heard
I lifted my eyes, and my spirit was stirred;
Behold, an angel of God stood before me
Shining with all of Heaven's bright glory!
"Do not be afraid", he said, "but rejoice!" -
For I trembled in fear at the sound of his voice.

   "I have come to show you a mystery,
   Something never before seen in history.
   God's final plan for this world will unfold.
   Come now with me, and behold!"

The angel then turned and stretched forth his hand
And at once below me I saw a great land
Laid out before me, both present and past
With mountains and rivers, and plains wide and vast;
And from cold, snowy meadows with starlight above it
Rose a wonderous song of praise in the spirit
Like the northern lights through the heavens it passed.

"These are the prayers and hopes of your nation,
Praying and longing to see your country's salvation."
And the music it carried, through hundreds of years,
Went straight to my heart and brought me to tears
No song so beautiful ever was played
Nor as sweet or glorious a melody made
As the one in the spirit now fell on my ears.

"Long have they prayed - yea, for centuries and more,
And heavy the burden that in faith they bore.
They all passed on, and never they found
The answer for which their prayers were bound.
But the time has come when it's all repaid.
Blessed are those whose faith never swayed."

In response to the song, an angel arose
Ancient he seemed, dressed in strange, foreign clothes
On his sash was written "END-TIME REVIVAL"
How the nations trembled at his arrival!
An immense host of angels after him went
Calling the nations to yield and repent
And the river of life went wherever he chose.

Then I heard the voices of martyrs of old
Whose stories in books and legends are told
Persecuted and flogged, and beaten with stone -
Why God never answered their prayer and call?
But the Father, as thunder, replied from the throne:


Like a flood came God's glory upon city and nation -
I saw kingdoms topple, swept off their foundation!
Nothing in history had ever compared
To the power that God in foresight prepared.
And out of the nations rose endless throngs
Of holy saints singing heavenly songs
And honor and praise to the Lamb they declared.

The glory I witnessed - oh, I fell on my face
I was speechless from beholding such glory and grace
Pouring forth from the Lamb who was slain -
Spotless he was, without any stain -
As he rode forth with justice and judgement in hand
And gathered his bride from every land.

And time was rolled up, from beginning to end
As the bride into heaven began to ascend
All the nations were brought, both great and small
As inheritance given to the savior of all.
Uncountable angels and men without bound
Gave glory to Christ, now eternally crowned.

And as they shouted, "Praise God in His glory!"
The angel whispered "that's the end of your story."
For the heavens were parted and earth made anew
And the Spirit again over dark waters blew.


There I sat in my room, alone in the cold
Reeling from the story the angel had told.
In the darkness, his words echoed clear:
No prayer is lost! Do not fear!
Keep seeking - keep praying -
I'm coming; revival is near.

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