Praising God

Tuesday, 01 March 2022 - 1 minute to read

I've been wondering for a while why worship is so important.

I mean, what if we directed all the worship for God to any human being instead, like ... well, North Korea and some other dysfunctional countries do. It would be pretty gross, and it is. So why is it not a problem for God? I've kind of had this picture of God walking around his throne, all the people praising him, and ... well, how does God deal with that? Why is it necessary? I've learned that God is so humble - but still ... why?

This morning, in the car, while I was praising God, the realization suddenly came to me. It's about love.

A love relationship is about giving and receiving love. You give love, in a way that the recipient feels loved, and you receive love back, hopefully in a form that you appreciate yourself.

We express love towards God by worshipping him, and he receives it as an expression of love. And in return, he expresses love toward us in highly personal and oddly specific ways, ever growing, and designed to completely overwhelm us by his love for us.

God is love, and we respond in love with praise and worship, just as we praise leaders, movie stars, soccer players, artists and musicians. It is essential to our core being, whether we realize it or not. It's one of the ways of giving love. Although, I would suggest, God may be the one who deserves it the most, and at the same time handles it best. :)

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