Tactical Lessons I Learned from Playing Snipes

Monday, 02 May 2022 - 1 minute to read

Snipes is an old video game for PC.

  • There is often more than one way in. Keep looking for alternate avenues of attack.
    • Continually evaluate the situation and spot openings or better cover that can sometimes double your effectiveness.
    • You have more time to think than you think.
  • A well-placed machine gun looking down the range can be absolutely devastating.
  • Two mutually supporting, defensive positions can be almost impossible to break open without air support or armor.
    • Look for an alternate avenue of attack, or an alternative mode of fighting.
    • Maybe just bypass it?
  • The last bullet from the last enemy can still lose the game for you.
  • There are substantial gains to be had from quickly overwhelming the enemy.
    • However, there is a point when the quick, overwhelming attack becomes too risky, and you need to settle for the slow, meticulous mode of capturing and holding territory piece by piece.
    • Try to transition to the overwhelming mode again by attacking from a new angle, or a different mode of attack.
  • Friendly fire is just as dangerous as enemy fire.

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