The Fairy in the West

Wednesday, 16 August 2006

THE FAIRY IN THE WEST came walking by the shore
A robe of woven moonlight strains she wore
She quietly walked in mists of dawn
With gentle steps like woodlands' fawn
Singing seafarer's songs of ancient lore.

THE FAIRY IN THE WEST caught my silent gaze
And heard the songs and trumps of my hearts' praise
Smiling, she beckoned me nearby
"Come with me", she said; I could not defy
Her melodious voice, and eyes for me ablaze.

THE FAIRY IN THE WEST walked side by side with me
Over cliffs and streams and meadows by the sea
But through the veil of loving theme
She slowly faded in my dream
And I awoke and knew, it cannot be.

I keep her in my heart's locked treasure chest
Where from her blushing smiles my soul is blessed
Whom once held dear, now forever more
By fading picture I adore
My fairest lady, my fairy in the west.